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Slalom race carver, giant slalom race carver and cross carver. Skis for optimal turns and perfect stability.

Atomic Redster G7


Our Redster G7 is a powerful ski for big GS-style turns, whether they’re against the clock or with your friends. The key is the combination of Atomic racing technology: a Full Sidewall for precise steering, a Power Woodcore to keep power up and chatter down even on the early morning corduroy, and titanium inserts in the ski for awesome edge grip. Power, precision – what more do you need from a performance piste ski?

Sidecut: 113-70-102

Radius: >15.6

Lengh: 161/168/175

Atomic Redster S7


A lot of strong skiers want a ski for the piste and for the occasional slalom race during the season. The Atomic Redster S7 is perfect for the job. It’s a top Atomic piste performer with a slalom radius for shorter, tighter turns. It also features a Full Sidewall, Woodcore and titanium inserts. The result? Awesome edge grip, smooth precise handling and serious speed come race day.

Sidecut: 119-70-100

Radius: >13.4

Lengh: 156/163/170

Atomic Redster X7


Like all Atomic Redster X range, one of the great things about the Redster X7 ski is the Multi Radius Sidecut. It’s halfway between giant slalom and slalom so you can use it to ski short turns and long turns – making it a really versatile ski for piste skiing. The Redster X7 is also fully loaded with titanium to give it torsional stiffness and running stability. All packaged up in classy dark grey and green graphics.

Sidecut: 126-75-110

Radius: >13.5

Lengh: 160/168

Head E-Magnum


Young or old. Big or small. Lightweight or heavyweight. You name it, the Supershape. E-Magnum is the current ski of choice for advanced skiers of any age, size, or shape. Step into this versatile ski and you’ll feel at home in any terrain. Thanks to its 72 cm waist, you’ll be impressed by its fun, easy handling. The short radius makes it extremely agile. It all adds up to a perfect high-end performance ski for the ages: step in, head off, feel good.

Sidecut: 131-72-100

Radius: >13,1

Lengh: 156/163/170

Head E-Speed


You feel you are unstoppable. You leave the first track of the day on the freshly-groomed piste. Like a racer, you let the Supershape E-Speed run with medium and wide turns. You have honed this precise ski control over the years. Now you are ready, with the narrower waist of this ski you can truly unleash your advanced skills. Every run you take raises the bar a little higher.

Sidecut: 122-68-104

Radius: >14

Lengh: 163/170/177

K2 Luv Anthem 72ti


The ultimate dream machine for high speed railing, the Anthem 72Ti HS is the medium turn freak designed to roll ‘em over and pull into the turn strong. These piste performance skis come equipped with Bio Konic Carbon™, Correct Flex™ Inserts, and a stout layer of metal. That’s a lot of jargon to say one things: The K2 Anthem 72ti HS Skis are built to rail.

Sidecut: 125-72-104

Radius: >13.0

Lengh: 146/153/160

K2 iKonic 80 TI

ALLMOUNTAIN – All-Terrain-Rocker

With titanal running throughout and a full Carbon Spyne™, the K2 Ikonic 80ti will take on the slick groomers early in the morning and keep on railing well past noon. Bell-to-Bell and day-in, day-out – the Ikonic 80ti is designed to kick up dust and keep you railing on edge no matter the condition.

Sidecut: 129-80-108

Radius: >16

Lengh: 163/170/177

Rossignol Hero Elite


Designed for passionate racing fans and on-trail skiers, the Hero Elite Multi-Turn TI is an accessible yet solid, race-inspired on-trail ski. Our race-proven Line Control Technology (LCT) complements a 74mm waist width and versatile turn sidecut for optimized quickness, precision and power. LCT eliminates counter-flexing to offer maximum stability and optimized trajectory for total line control.

Sidecut: 123-74-109

Radius: >14

Lengh: 159/167/175

Rossignol Nova 14 TI


Enjoy the rhythm of perfect turns on the all-new Nova 14 TI. This women’s ski offers advanced and expert frontside skiers the effortless carving power to roll smoothly from edge to edge and adapt to the terrain. The race-inspired Carbon Alloy Matrix build delivers an elegant blend of precision and agility to carve out another best day.

Sidecut: 123-74-109

Radius: >13

Lengh: 153/160