Ski boot-service and spare parts

Years of experience coupled with modern technology, like special computer programs, electronic pressure point recognition and laser structure analysis, enable us to solve nearly all ski boot related problems.

Furthermore, we have a variety of clips, toe and heel plates, and other spare parts in store. Of course we will adjust your own ski boot to fit your foot perfectly.

With our measuring devices we can localize prssure points exactly.

PROBLEM: Pain in the sole of the foot

SOLUTION: Tailor made sole


PROBLEM: Pressure on the instep

SOLUTION: Adjust the tongue

PROBLEM: Pressure on the front of the foot

SOLUTION: Stretch the outer boot

PROBLEM: Pressure on the ankel

SOLUTION: Grinding the outer boot

PROBLEM: Heel to loose

SOLUTION: Attach cushioning around the heel area

PROBLEM: Shin pain

SOLUTION: Fit a new foamed tongue


PROBLEM: To tight around the calf

SOLUTION: Widen the shaft

PROBLEM: Cold feet

SOLUTION: Fit with a heating system


We have a variety of clips.

Special spare parts.

We have a variety of toe and heel plates.