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The function of ski boot inserts

The function of ski boot inserts

Reduction of heel movement, better control while skiing, improved circulation, elimination of burning in the soles of feet and feet ‘going-to-sleep’. Muscles and ligaments in the feet are supported. Pressure points disappear. The distance necessary for the knee to bend, in order to achieve a certain angle of the edge of the ski is decidedly shortened. There is less strain on the whole body resulting in less tiredness.


Feet are the foundation of our body

Most modern floor surfaces are hard and flat, like concrete and asphalt. They cause our feet to flatten and twist. Badly aligned, instable feet can effect the whole skeletal system and cause pain in the feet, knees, hips, back and neck. The solution: individually moulded inserts support the natural shape of your feet, distribute your whole body weight evenly over the soles, relieve pressure and imbalanced weight-bearing.


Superfeet medical system inserts

Due to imbalanced weight-bearing, around 98% of people have rolling-in ankles causing pain in the feet, knees, hips, back and neck. Conventional inserts, made from foam moulds or computer measuring systems, cannot correct this defect. Unlike the Superfeet inserts which uses a vaccume technique on an unweighted foot. The heel is straightened and upright, neither rolling in nor out. That enables the whole body an erect and stable posture.

Heating of the sole parts in ceramic oven

Setting up of the foot using spiral dynamics

Formation of the sole by vacuum technology

Why Superfeet medical deposits?

  • natural shock absorption
  • stable foot contac
  • less stress on joints, muscles and ligaments
  • Avoiding over legs and hallux valgus
  • less hip and knee pain
  • Spinal stabilization through improved static
  • static compensation of leg length discrepancies
  • more endurance and better muscle strength
  • fewer digestive problems through better static

Shoe inserts from Formthotics

Formthotics are machined (not stamped or the compressed), flexible, prepared by heat moldable shoe inserts, made ​​of soft foam, which are customized to your foot shape. Formthotics fill the gap between your foot and your shoe and support the foot in its natural form. It is like a footprint in the sand in their shoes.

Computer foot analysis

Preparation of the insole

Fine adjustment by heat


The result

Perfectly matching shoes! Improved comfort, balance and stability. Formthotics result in a significant improvement of pedestrian comfort, reduced foot and muscle fatigue, protects the joints by increasing shock absorbing and improved motion control. The risk of sports injuries is reduced, the foot is recovering more quickly after workouts.