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Lageplan/Location Dorf 18 A-6167 Neustift im Stubaital

Stöckli Ski


Stöckli skis are unique pieces made from premium materials, such as wood, bamboo or carbon fiber, handcrafted chiefly in the heart of Switzerland. The passion is evident in the DNA of every handcrafted ski. There are no compromises when it comes to quality, materials or performance. That demands a lot of careful hand detailing.


Stöckli only have one goal in sight with all of it´s sculpting, adjusting and testing: to always achieve the most unique ride with every turn you make on a Stöckli ski. To that end, Stöckli combine innovative technology with fiercely passionate handwork. Both CAD programs and CNC ski mills ensure precision just as too does the experienced eye of every single associate.


The racing gene that Stöckli has developed in the FIS World Cup is visible throughout our racing line. Technical innovations and precise craftsmanship flow directly into every one of our skis. The result is extremely versatile performance under the most diverse skiing conditions, as well as guaranteed maximum skiing fun.


Giant Slalom Ski

A ski made for speedy tempos, precision control in the turns and maximum acceleration while turning. In short: THE giant slalom expert in the flesh. Infused with huge expertise from the World Cup experience, this racing machine has been developed for medium radius to long sweeping turns. Our existing Vario Racing Technology enables precise steering into turns; the Full Edge Contact Technology lends more surface contact area in turns which leads to even better control and precision.

Sidecut: 118-68-97

Radius: >17.1



Dynamic meets perfection. The embodiment of snappiness and grip all-in-one. Precision steering with World Cup-proven Vario Racing Technology and outstanding edging even on the steepest terrain with Full Edge Contact Technology. That turns this ski into a slalom specialist par excellence. Turn artistes will totally get what they came for with the Laser SL.

Sidecut: 120-66-97

Radius: >13.6



Your perfect companion for athletic days on the slopes. No matter if steep or flat pistes, hard or soft surfaces, or fast or easygoing runs, this all-rounder is designed for a wide range of use. It ensures maximum performance and the utmost in fun. A variety of technological features means this ski will look great and perform even better in any situation.

Sidecut: 123-72-104

Radius: >14.9


Allmountain Racing-Ski

This ski is especially well suited for the entire mountain in support of the saying: Come what may. Both pistes and backcountry terrain are child’s play for this super athletic all-mountain ski. The Laser AR is particularly distinguished by a lightweight core as well as its edges. The combination of a wide shovel with a slight rocker enables the AR to achieve optimum grip in turns and maintain playful, elegant transitions.

Sidecut: 130-83-112

Radius: >16.5



Enjoy fresh powder in the morning. Rip tight turns on the slope in the afternoon. The re-engineered AX with its new FEC adaptive technology makes it all possible. The more pressure you apply in the turns, the smaller the rocker is, and the correspondingly larger the surface contact area is with the snow. The new Light Core lends the AX even more pop with the same stability.

Sidecut: 124-78-111

Radius: >15.9