Stöckli Ski

Stöckli Ski

Our history began back in 1935 when Josef Stöckli started out by making a solid ash ski at his parent’s carpentry shop in Wolhusen, Switzerland.
More than 80 years later, you can still experience our passion, and you can sense our many years of experience in ski construction in every handmade ski. Just as we did then, we do not make any compromises when it comes to quality, materials or performance.



The racing gene that Stöckli has developed in the FIS World Cup is visible throughout our racing line. Technical innovations and precise craftsmanship flow directly into every one of our skis. The result is extremely versatile performance under the most diverse skiing conditions, as well as guaranteed maximum skiing fun.


On the piste, get set, go! This modern Race Carver with VRT Technology first unfurls its extraordinary qualities on mid-radius to sweeping long turns. It remains very stable and precise even at high speeds. And it masters a change in rhythm with bravura. More power coming from the ski‘s waist results in phenomenal edging. Doesn‘t matter how you accelerate this ski has a ride that‘s smooth as silk. Go ahead, indulge in a smooth ride. Even at full throttle.


For precise skiers and turn enthusiasts: The Laser SL guarantees playful ease on short, fast turns - even on hard, icy pistes. Its radius can be determined and controlled very well. When on the piste, it moves smooth, snappy-nimble and is simply fine in motion.This little ski is made for big things. Experience perfect geometry. Benefit from superior grip. In short, get to know this super maneuverable playmate.


The Laser SX remains a high precision racing machine. With the new Turtle Shell technology, the ski responds accurately to changes in tempo. It rides solidly at high speeds and reacts smoothly to edge pressure at slower speeds.


A really sporty all-rounder: Confident in its extremely universal character on nearly every piste. No matter if a hard or soft base, short or mid-radius turns: With its Tail Flex Control Technology, the Laser SC stands for the best control and ample safety reserves. Relish every run individualized completely to how you feel that day or your personal needs. The Laser SC is always the right partner and is at home on any ski slope around the world.


This ski's Laser DNA can be felt right away. The powerful Laser AX leaves tight tracks even in soft snow. The new Turtle Shell technology supports the skier with adaptive flex in all situations. Get off pistethe pistes and point them straight into the powder.


«Scale» – that's the name for Stöckli's all-mountain ski. The entire line stems from a unique concept that promises to find just the right ski for anyone and everyone. The only information needed are a person's height and the desired application area. Based on this information Stöckli promises to deliver a ski model perfectly adapted to the person in question.


A ski with grip and gumption: The sporty Scale Beta doesn‘t blink an eye at even demanding piste conditions with the markedly secure feel you experience. It offers a ride that is especially strong on mid-radius to longer turns, yet always remains nimble. The slight Rocker supports turn initiation and ensures particularly good float in soft snow.


This is love at the first turn! Simply unbelievable how easily the versatile Scale Alpha masters short to mid-radius turns. But this ski that is exquisite to look at is a true alpha dog even on short turns in deep powder.


Pristine slopes and remote mountain landscapes. Touring skiers will enjoy an absolute freeride adventure thanks to this ski's new feeling of lightness. Whether you seek directional stability with considerable lift or a lightweight experience, on a Stormrider the mountain lies literally at your feet.


The possibilities are simply endless with the Stormrider 88. We couldn't top its solid construction, but we were able to make it lighter. This makes for pure enjoyment in all types of terrain. The powder rocker brings quick flotation off-piste, and its reduced weight enables an easy ascent.